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About Us »  Who are we?


SSI.BG („SSI” EOOD.) is one of the leading companies in Bulgaria specialized in integrated solutions in the field of information technology for medium and small enterprises.


We provide our customers with 24-hour continuous IT care comparable with the professional capacity of a full IT department of computer professionals in all fields.


We provide subscription IT services as well. The main advantages of our subscription programs are guaranteed professionalism of highly qualified experts in our teams and 24-hour continuous readiness for quick response.


Our care for each customer is based on the specific solutions in their business and on personal attention. This allows our customers to enjoy a safe and stable structure and pay a monthly fee less even than the salary of a single IT professional.


Who are our services designed for:


Our corporate customers include major companies such as factories and wind farms which would like to rely on a secure internet connection and for whom we build great communication routes.


We provide also services to medium-sized and small businesses which work wit fifteen computers, a server and a few printers. They turn to us for network settings, loading of toner cartridge, computer service and reliable internet connection for business.


SSI’s teams are sought-after by business owners and landlords who demand personal attention and boutique service. They receive from us regular fast and reliable internet, an advice on choosing and buying a computer, IT problem solving, quickly and with special treatment.


Individuals turn to us  as well - technically competent customers with special requirements who set great store by quality and warranty.


Our specialists are also available to our customers’ employees we serve, and who expect a competent technical advice on the service of their personal computers and on the purchase of new equipment.